Business and Civil Fraud

Fraud occurs when a person or company deceives or misrepresents a purported fact and the other party relies on the deception or misrepresentation to their detriment. Commercial or business fraud can occur in many ways. The only limiting factor is the creativity of the fraudster. Several of the more common methods of fraudulent conduct include when an individual or a business falsifies records, falsely represents its products or services, or otherwise cheats business partners, customers, or clients out of money.

When a company commits fraud against an individual or another company, the effects are serious and long lasting. The most obvious and immediate effect is that the defrauded company loses money. This trickles down throughout the economy because the defrauded business must then charge more for its good or services to make up for the loss.

The lawyers at The Rice Law Firm, LLC are experienced in representing individuals and businesses who have been victims of fraud. For example, one client had been defrauded by a company. The lawyers at The Rice Law Firm, LLC obtained a multi-million dollar judgment against the business. The Rice Law Firm, LLC then referred the evidence of fraud we uncovered to the FBI, and the President of the company was charged and sent to federal prison.

However, unscrupulous persons or companies sometimes cry "fraud" just because a deal or transaction did not turn out the way they hoped. Sometimes business deals do not succeed. The economy may have thwarted the parties' hopes. The deal may have had very little chance of success even under ideal conditions. Whatever the reason, sometimes deals are not successful. This does not mean that there was fraud involved.

The lawyers at The Rice Law Firm, LLC have significant experience defending individuals and businesses wrongly accused of fraud. If you or your business has been accused of fraud, we can help. Don't let an unscrupulous person or company trash your reputation or extort money from your company. You must defend yourself and demonstrate what actually happened. The lawyers at The Rice Law Firm, LLC will make this happen.

We are committed to the rights of individuals and businesses. If you have been the victim of fraud, or if you have been accused of fraud, contact The Rice Law Firm, LLC immediately to discuss your legal options so that we can begin to make things right.

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